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New Service

1. Call the BFWSD office at 409-698-2100 to get an estimated cost of installation
2. Once you have recieved your estimated cost of installation and are prepared to move forward, please complete the BFWSD Service Agreement Form.
3. Submit the completed BFWSD Service Agreement form and payment at the BFWSD office.


Meter Size

5/8” X ¾” Meter Equivalents

Monthly Rate

5/8” X 3/4”






1 ½”






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Paying Your Bill

If you would like to pay your bill in person, you may do so at the Brookeland Fresh Water Supply District office, Monday – Friday, 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.

Additionally, we have several alternatives to paying your utility bill in person:

1.  Credit Card -- Utility payments may be made by credit card in office, by phone or through the online portal.  Click the link or Automated over-the-phone payment 866-498-4948.  There is a $2.00 fee for this service. 

2. Drop Box — We also have a drop box available at the B.F.W.S.D. Office for after-hours payments. (Please add your account number with your payment)

3. Automatic Bank Draft Program — Our automatic Bank draft program is available to customers choosing to have their monthly utility bill automatically deducted from their checking account on the 10th of every month. There is no charges for this service. The program saves customers the cost of postage and checks, eliminates late fees, and provides a record of payment on the customer’s bank or credit card statement. Please download and complete the Bank Draft Form found here.


  • You can avoid disconnection by calling our office (409) 698-2100, before the disconnect day of the 1st (no arrangement can be made on the 1st). If the arrangement is not kept, the customer will be subject to disconnection for a failed arrangement with no notice given. If the customer needs assistance from an agency, they must contact them before the arrangement date. If the appointment with the assisting agency is after the arrangement date, written confirmation of the appointment must be provided to the Utility Office before the arrangement date to avoid disconnection.

  • If a customer has been disconnected for non-payment, all outstanding balances must be paid plus a reconnect fee of $60.00 in order to be reconnected.

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Discontinuance Of Service

Please submit the completed Discontinuance of Service Form to the BFWSD office.