Brookeland Fresh Water Supply District issues precautionary boil water advisories when a loss of pressure in the water main can potentially contaminate the water. Although these advisories can be inconvenient they are issued for your protection

If you are under a boil advisory, you should boil vigorously for one minute water used for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, making ice, or other consumption.

Service Area                            Notice  Date                                      Recind  Date

Lakeland/Rayburn100                                  10-31-12                                                         11-2-12

Holiday Forest/Shawnee Shores                  6-22-12                                                                6-12-12
Mulberry                                                          3-29-12                                                                4-3-12

Mulberry                                                           8-8-12                                                                 8-9-12

Forest Hills Sec 3                                           10-14-11                                                              10-18-11

The CCR reports are available at the Office for all BFWSD water supplies, notice of a direct link will be mailed to every customer receiving a water card (bill), it will be noted on the bottom of the bill.
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