B.F.W.S.D.  is managed by an elected Board of Directors. Each Director on the Board is a resident or a property owner within the boundaries of the District. The Board of Directors conduct a meeting, usually every month to transact the business of the District. These meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend the Districts Meetings. 

Dudley Pettry

Mr. Pettry resides in the Forest Hills WS and is a member of the long term planning committee for the district. Mr. Pettry's term expires in 2020.

Bob Sealy 
ce President

 Mr. Sealy resides in Brookeland, and also retains a business on the Forest Hills WS. Mr. Sealy's term expires in May 2022.

Bob Kester

Mr. Kester resides in Toledo Village. Mr. Kester serves on the Long term planning committee. Mr Kester's term expires May 2020.

Greg Strouse

Mr. Strouse resides in Brookeland, and also owns a house in the Mulberry WS. Mr. Strouse's term will expire in 2022.

John Dixon

Mr. Dixon resides in Brookeland. Mr. Dixon's term expires in May 2022. 

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